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One Day Bath Remodel in Redmond, WA

Even though people have a lot of ideas on how to remodel their bath, they might refrain from actually going through with the remodel because they dread the seemingly endless noises and disruptions in their home. However, you do not need to worry about days and days of disturbance when you ask Seattle Baths to help you with your project. We may even be able to complete your bath remodel in as little as one day! Whether you are looking for a new bathtub or shower, our team of experts can install it properly and quickly, often in less than 24 hours. You will barely notice the messiness during installation and will only have your eyes on the results!

Seattle Baths’ Services of One Day Replacement Baths

Our team of professionals is experienced in completing many types of replacement bath tasks that are suitable depending on our clients’ needs and wants. We are eager to replace your old bathtub, whether it’s worn out or cracks have developed after years of use. After we install your new tub, you will find the tub easier to clean and more beautiful to look at. By just adding a new tub to your home, your home in Redmond, WA will be upgraded and be more comfortable. With our expert designers and installers, the new look of your bathroom will last for years.

We offer several options for your one-day replacement baths, including:

  • Installing a new tub or shower in the same spot as your old unit
  • Adding a bath surround or liner over your existing bathtub
  • Installing a new acrylic wall system surrounding your shower or tub 
  • Upgrading your old shower space with a brand new shower enclosure 

Why Seattle Baths for Your Quick Bath Remodel Project

If the time for finishing your bath replacement is extremely crucial for you, then Seattle Baths are the perfect company you need for your project. At Seattle Baths, we are proud of how quickly our team can accomplish our clients’ goals and how properly our installations are despite us working in record time on every project. We hate to waste our clients’ precious time, so call us now at 425-345-5194 and let’s get your one-day bath remodeling started and finished!

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