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Shower Surrounds and Bases in Redmond, WA

Have you ever considered how to upgrade your shower easily? At Seattle Baths, we can completely upgrade your shower by producing a shower surround that perfectly fits your bathroom. Our team of experts has been installing new shower surrounds and bases for the past years. With the installation of the new shower surround and base, your shower will look new in almost no time! A surround will make your shower more comfortable while the base safely secures the shower spot for anyone to use and to enjoy a refreshing shower every time. 

Shower Surrounds and Shower Bases by Seattle Baths

The truth is there is no shower that can last forever. When you do not touch up your shower, dirt can build up in your old shower base, which will cause it to wear out prematurely. 

However, the good news is that if you are in the Redmond, WA area, Seattle Baths can help you replace your old base and surrounds with new ones that properly fit in your current bathroom. Our team can produce a water-tight seal with a glamorous all-around look. In some cases, we can even complete this task in one day!

Best Shower Base and Surrounds Across The Greater Seattle

Our team at Seattle Baths are ready to create and install new shower surrounds and base for the bathrooms in your Redmond, WA home. You will be amazed by how comfortable and beautiful your upgraded replacement shower can be when you have help from us!

We will find a new shower surround and base that are to your liking and within your budget. When you take great care of the space where you can relax and freshen up, you can enjoy showering even more. The new surround and base can also make it convenient and easy for you to clean and maintain the shower to maximize your enjoyment in the shower. Talk to us today by phone at 425-345-5194 to see how you can upgrade your shower.

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