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Accessible Bathrooms in Redmond, WA Homes

A bathroom update does not need to break your bank. You can easily upgrade your bathroom by getting a new Accessible Bathrooms for your Redmond, WA home. Seattle Baths are dedicated to finding quality Accessible Bathrooms for your space and within your budget. We aim to improve our clients’ bathrooms and make all of our clients happy no matter how big or small their bathroom remodeling is.

When to Replace Your Tub 

While your tub might not be the first thing you will think to replace it, you should consider replacing it after a given number of years. Some indications that you can look out for to decide when you should replace your tub are:

  • Difficult to clean due to mold building up in the small cracks 
  • Declining look of the tub because of the small cracks developing in the finish
  • Changes in your needs and wants from a tub, such the size and features 

Seattle Baths’s Accessible Bathrooms Options 

We offer a wide variety of Accessible Bathroomss, including the materials and finishes, for our clients to choose from, such as:

  • Combination tub and shower: offers enough room for both a bath and a shower, allowing you to choose which one you want to use
  • Shower enclosure: can add features like a seated area, handrails, and tiling finish to further elevate your bathroom into a whole new level
  • Walk-in bathtub: provides an accessible and comfortable setup that makes it easier than ever to get in and get out of the tub and even gives a spa-like design that makes your bathroom stand out 

Ask Seattle Baths for Your Next Accessible Bathrooms

We are the experts in Greater Seattle when it comes to replacing tubs. Hundreds of locals have relied on us and continued to for their Accessible Bathrooms projects ever since 2020. Call us at 425-345-5194 now and we can start the best plan that suits your dream tub and budget! 

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