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Do you have a current bathtub or shower that you are not getting the most out of? Then, you are in good hands with Seattle Baths to assist you in converting your tub into a shower or your shower into a bathtub, so you can use your bathroom to its fullest potential afterward. Our conversion process is possible in any space, giving you the exact bathroom you are looking for at a price that you love, and even better: all in 1 day! 

Why Convert Your Bathtub or Shower?

While you can use the current bathtub or shower to clean, converting your bathtub or shower takes your cleaning experience to the next level and you will be able to get so much more out of the new tub or shower! Some common benefits when you upgrade your bathroom to the next level include:

  • A bathtub or a shower fits more needs depending on the client. For example, someone might want a bath to soak in comfortably and others might want a shower for a fast and nicely clean. Whether you want a conversion to either a bathtub or shower, both can offer more flexibility and practicality. 
  • If you have an old model, this will be an ideal time for you to make the jump to convert your shower or bathtub. Since your old model is difficult to clean and maintain, you can take advantage of this chance to make the full commitment and convert your old bathtub or shower into the new bathtub or shower that you have always wanted. Also, a new unit will also have more features, including a design that makes it more comfortable to use.

Bath Conversion Options Across Greater Seattle

You can choose from many options when you are looking to convert your current unit, such as:

  • Converting a bath to shower if you value a fast and convenient space to clean in.
  • Converting a shower to bath if you want to enjoy relaxing, bubbly, and warm soakings.
  • Adding a shower and bathtub combination unit is ideal if you want the best of both worlds and you are looking to make your home more luxurious while increasing your home’s resale value as well.

Bath Conversion Experts at Seattle Baths

Our team at Seattle Baths can help you whenever you want to convert your current unit into something that you can benefit more from like a therapeutic tub. Our walk-in shower conversion experts are highly trained and professionally licensed, so we can finish all bath conversions properly and effectively. When you pick us for your walk-in bathtub conversion project, we will produce the best results to your liking. Contact us online or call us at 425-345-5194 today to get started. 

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