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Bathtub to Shower Conversions in WA

Do you not take baths often and want a shower instead? Seattle Baths can make your dreams come true by converting your current bathtub into a shower. Our team is ready to start and complete your bathtub to shower conversion in WA.

We have been completing bathtub to shower conversions across the Greater Seattle since 2020. Our team strives to come up with the optimal plan that matches all your needs and budget. 

Why Convert Your Bathtub to Shower

It is often difficult to enjoy older bathroom spaces, so there are many positive reasons why you should take this opportunity to convert your old bathtub into the shower that you have always wanted, such as:

  • It is hard to access an old bathtub compared to a new shower or even a combination bathtub and shower unit.
  • Cleaning and maintaining an old bathtub can be a pain because an older model will likely have developed enough cracks, where water will seep in to produce mold and mildew. 
  • An older bath may not look as attractive compared to a modern shower design and might be bringing the overall look of your bathroom down.

Seattle Baths Conversion Options

Some of our options when it comes to converting a tub are:

  • Shower and tub combination: best of both worlds in one bathroom
  • Tub to shower conversion: allowing you to take quick and easy showers in your brand-new, beautiful shower space
  • Walk-in shower conversion: giving you more accessibility due to the shorter entry point that is easy to reach, a seating setup, and handlebars

Seattle Baths for Tub to Shower Conversions Across The Greater Seattle

Our team at Seattle Baths is eager to help you convert your tub into a new unit of your choice. We have been conducting bath conversions for over years and we are proud of the amazing results that we have produced! Our team pays attention to all details, even the smallest ones, to ensure that your new unit will fit your space and the results will impress you. Contact us today and we will transform your old bathtub into something new that you will love!

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