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Redmond, WA Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Services from Seattle Baths

Seattle Baths can make all your bathroom remodeling dreams in Greater Seattle come true. Whether you are planning to replace your bath or your shower or just wanted a bathroom remodeling project, we can help you as we have extensive experience from remodeling over countless bathrooms. Contact us for any assistance with your bathroom renovation project. 

Why Replace Your Bathtub?

After a number of years, you should replace your bathtub because it simply does not last forever. A bathtub replacement is especially important if:

  • It is difficult to clean your tub.
  • Grime and mold develops more often since the surface of the tub becomes more porous.
  • The finish of the tub is cracked or worn.
  • Your needs or wants of the ideal tub have changed.

Bathroom Remodeling Options in Greater Seattle

You have many options to choose from whenever you want to remodel your bathroom. Some of the more common options to consider are:

  • Replacement bathtub: increases the comfort in your bathroom, comes in many sizes and types
  • Combo bathtub and shower: provides a flexible space where you can choose to relax in the tub for a long time or to take a quick shower
  • Replacement shower enclosure: you can add to your bathroom a seat, steam shower feature, or tiling finish depending on what you want
  • Walk-in bath: offers a space where you can easily enter by including a low-rise entry space and even feature grab bars if you prefer, ideal for those who need assistance with entering the bath

Replacement Bath Materials in Redmond, WA

You can also choose the replacement bath materials, such as: 

  • Acrylic: adds sturdy body that is highly customizable and requires no maintenance
  • Fiberglass: weighs less and needs low maintenance though it is easy to fracture or crack
  • Enameled steel: gives a useful look as it is made with a thin steel sheet coated in porcelain and will last for years despite being excessively heavy
  • Cast iron: works well since it is a form of molded iron poured into a preformed shape and will need extra people to install in your bathroom
  • Granite: offers a beautiful, natural-stone look but requires the specialized installation and high maintenance

Choose Seattle Baths for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling in Redmond, WA

Seattle Baths can guarantee to help you with all your accessible bathroom remodeling needs. We have been helping Redmond, WA folks with their bathroom remodeling projects since 2020. Our bathroom remodelers provides the highest quality customer service to ensure your experiences with bathroom remodeling are positive and easygoing!

With us, you can choose various styles and materials for your bathroom makeover. Contact us for a free bathroom remodeling consultation today. If you are ready to jump right in, talk to us online or on the phone now.

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