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Replacement Baths in Redmond, WA

A new replacement bathtub or shower will benefit your home. Our team at Seattle Baths can assist you in finding the perfect bath for your Redmond, WA home. We have over years of experience in installing new baths for our clients and our results have been unmatched across the Greater Seattle. 

Why Replace Your Redmond, WA Bath?

Whether your current bath is aging poorly or you wanted a change, replacing your bath will make a real difference when it comes to the overall environment and comfort of your home. Investing in a bath replacement can make your home even more homier, allowing you to feel the best at home! 

You should replace your bath after years for various reasons such as:

  • Your bath is difficult to clean since the tub became porous and there are small cracks that developed in the enameled surface, where mold could grow.
  • Noticeable cracks have developed, which could be in the tub or around the finish.
  • Your needs from a bath have changed after time has passed, including a want or need for a larger replacement bath or a combination shower.

Replacement Bathtub Options offered by Seattle Baths

Our team offers many options when it comes to bathtubs, including:

  • Replacement bath and shower combination: gives you the best of both worlds and make it easy for you to clean
  • Replacement bath: upgrades your bathroom with a new tub or a new liner for the same effect at a fraction of the price and time
  • Shower enclosure: adds a comfortable space that is appropriate for a standing shower
  • Walk-in bathtub: provides a low entry point that allows an accessible approach

Have Seattle Baths Replace Your Bathtub

At Seattle Baths, we go above and beyond to provide the leading replacement bath services across Greater Seattle. We have the best customer service and the most updated knowledge that will make your experience with us the best experience you will have with a bathroom remodeling company. Talk to us at 425-345-5194 or on our website now to learn more or to get started!

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